Nippy scooters are available to everyone who is 16+ years old. All you have to do is download the app and enter your payment information.

Tips: Spend some time to familiarize with your scooter before embarking on your main trip.


You can park your scooter only in green zone!

As regarding the point,

You are free to park it wherever you like as long as it does not obstruct others.


To start moving, the scooter must first be moved by rock back with your foot. For safety purposes, the scooter’s accelerator only works if the speed is at least 5 km/h. Only then can you press the “Start” button. Speed limit is adjusted to 25 km according the Greek law

CAUTION: On pedestrian areas, the legal speed limit is 6 km and is adjusted automatically. You can not change this function.

The best defense is to be well-informed. Read the task safety & regulations before starting your route.


CAUTION: You can finalize your trip only in green zone!

  • Please park your scooter carefully and be considerate to other road users.
  • Click “end ride” in the app and submit a photo of how you parked the scooter.

Prioritize Safety: Your safety is our top priority. If you come across a scooter with technical issues, please inform us immediately. We’ll promptly address the problem. Find another scooter and stay safe. Our dedicated Customer Support Service is always available to assist you in any situation.


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