1. Wear a helmet

Please wear a helmet for the ride. helmets greatly minimize the chance of injuries, so cover what matters most.

2. No freehand action is permitted.

Free hand actions reduce the stability of scooter, and raise the risk of injury.

3. Two or more passengers are prohibited

  • The scooter was built for one rider only, It’s dangerous to ride when holding anyone else.
  • Please also avoid to travel in pairs or in groups of three or more in a parallel fashion.

4. Be considerate to others when you ride your Nippy.

  • Please reduce your speed to 6 km, if you want to ride on a pedestrian area.
  • Pedestrians should be aware of your presence. (Use your bell if necessary).
  • If there is an obstruction or hazard for walking traffic, please get off your nippy and lead it on foot.


Riders must not use every device that could distract them from safely driving the vehicle when traveling.

6. Driving & alcohol.

Riders MUST NOT use a scooter when under the influence of alcohol, medications, or other illicit substances.

7. Brakes in an emergency condition

  • In an emergency, please move your weight to the rear of the scooter.
  • Be mindful of road obstructions(roadside puddle).

8. Check your scooter.

Before using the scooter, make sure it is in good working order. The brakes are the most crucial test.We perform professional technical inspections on a routine basis to ensure your safety, BUT just in case.

9. DON’T DRIVE RISKY. Please take care of yourself in order to get the most enjoyable journey ever.

 Greece’s law for micro-mobility(4784/2021) gone into effect on Mars 16, 2021 which includes(among others) all of the marked items. Fines can be imposed on violators. Read more.