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“Unlock the Town’s Treasures on Two Wheels – Nippy Micro-Mobility: Your Key to Exploration!”

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“Pedal into Adventure, Discover with Nippy – Where Every Path is a Journey and Every Ride, a Memory!”

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Argostoli,on the Greek island of Kefalonia is a spot worth exploring from side to side. A place filled with startling beaches, verdant mountains, picturesque scenery and hidden coves waiting to be discovered…

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At Nippy, we believe that the heart of exceptional hospitality lies in innovation and guest-centric experiences. Our B2B partnership program is tailored to empower hotels like yours to deliver unparalleled value to your guests while aligning with modern travel trends and sustainability.

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Welcome to Nippy Micro-Mobility! We’re not your typical rental company; we’re your ticket to some epic adventures. Right here in the heart of our lovely town, we’re all about changing the game when it comes to how you explore and move around. It all started with a cool idea: giving you a ride that’s not just practical, but also seriously thrilling. So, let’s roll together and uncover all those hidden gems our town has to offer, one nippy ride at a time.”

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